Wilderness Medicine

If you play long enough in the outdoors, there's a good chance you might see someone get injured or ill.  It might be you.  Or your friend.  Or someone in the group you are leading.  Or maybe a total stranger.

Now, we're not trying to worry anyone here.  In fact most injuries and illnesses in the backcountry are pretty minor.  But what if?

We're guessing that you wouldn't go down the river without a paddle or take your Jeep 100 miles off-road without a spare tire, right?

As part of your "back of beyond" preparation, would you consider taking a first aid course?  Not just any course. But one focused on the right skills for the wilderness.  Conducted by folks who have years of hands-on, practical experience.  A course curriculum backed by the art and science of medicine.

About 14 years ago, we teamed up with the Wilderness Medicine Institute.  This was the brainchild of Greg Henington, our owner.  He's what we call a "Wild Med Freak" (some of us call him a "Wild Med Geek").  Why?  Because the guy eats, sleeps and breathes emergency medicine.  He's probably earned it, though.  Twenty-five years of backcountry experience, Wilderness Paramedic, Chief of Terlingua Fire & EMS.  Paramedic at Yellowstone National Park.  Ad nauseum.

The good news is Greg and some of his buddies teach some of the coolest WMI courses this side of Pluto.  And they're open to anyone!  Anyone, of course, who wants to go down the river with a paddle.

Check out our current course offerings below. If our courses don't work in your time schedule, Wilderness Medicine Institute has a zillion courses going all of the time. Here's their course schedule.

Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA)

This is the course all the Far Flung guides take (some, like Greg, go on and become geekier) so they can work in Big Bend National Park.  It also meets most minimum standards for National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, BLM, etc.  A "fire hose" of information packed into one week.  You'll love it!  Did we mention there is a night rescue scenario in this one?  Includes tuition, books, instruction and course materials. 5 days, 40 hours, including CPR.

Course Date: January 9-13, 2017

Cost: $385/student

Course Location:  Oasis Lodge at the Far Flung Outdoor Center

Want More Information?  Course Description     Course Outline

Questions?  Call 800-839-7238 or email greg@ffoc.net

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Lodging Special!  $119/night, double occupancy for WAFA students!  Find a partner and your very nice Far Flung casita is only $50/night!!